A reliable combination for the acquisition and processing of your transactions.

One of the largest processors of card payment transactions in the world. A technology suitable for the smallest to the largest point of sale.

A few figures:

  • 6,000,000 retail sites
  • 4,000 financial institutions
  • 2,500 transactions per second
  • 79 billion transactions per year
  • Active in 150 countries

Our historical partner.

Tried and tested solutions for all types of business.

Elavon guarantees a very fast processing of your transactions.

OOnex, a new partner who opened doors for us to European solutions.

A single system for different countries.

Servipay and Kirepo have joined forces to make the Pax A920 payment terminal an all-in-one solution made in Luxembourg. On a single device, and in a smartphone format, you have a payment terminal and a cashier system.

In Luxembourg, Kirepo have the expertise to communicate, plan and produce the application you require.

  • Web apps
  • iOS apps
  • Android apps
  • HarmonyOS Apps

A centralised and integrated solution.

A way of routing transactions that makes it possible to view transactions live on an Internet platform.

Easy integration into traditional or mobile cash register systems, tablets or smartphones.

The opportunity for business managers to manage their points of sale both live and remotely.