ICT 250

Specially designed for convenience stores, the ICT 250 is the ideal device for small spaces. With this single compact terminal, you’ll be able to accept transactions in complete safety. Its sleek design will be a perfect match for your business.


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ICT 220 & IPP 350

Light and stylish, the pin pads of the iPP350 range are easy to use when combined with the iCT220 terminal. Their large backlit ergonomic 16-key keypad means that you can navigate between the various menus smoothly. What’s more, you can easily type in PIN codes on their LCD screen.


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The IWL 250 is the lightest and most compact range on the market. Its compact size means that it is as easy to transport as to use, making payments easier for consumers and retailers alike.  It offers a wide range of payment solutions processing the various different card technologies. Communication modes: Wi-Fi, GPRS, Bluetooth.



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